Monthly Archives: May 2007

Microsoft Beta Release: docx converter for mac

Microsoft released a public beta of their docx to doc converter. docx (along with xlsx and pptx) are the new XML structered format for Office 2007 (windows). Office 2008 for Mac, which should bring the Mac version back to parity, is scheduled to be released later this year.

Download docx converter.

docx converter

Release notes indicate an xlsx and pptx converter will be coming shortly. In the interim, you can download the free NeoOffice which is already utilizing the XML format.

8/19/07 – Microsoft updates their beta to include PPTX

How to save $200+ on the upcoming iPhone

The iPhone comes out in June and the debate rages on whether or not their will be bundled discounts for plan renewals or new signups. Why wait? Here is how you can easily save at least $200 on the iPhone come mid-June.

1. If you are either a new Cingular user or a current customer who is eligible for a phone upgrade, simply purchase an in-demand model with a high resale value. I’d suggest the Nokia N75 or the Blackberry Pearl. Take your fancy discounted price and rebate and just hold out until the iPhone is released.

2. When the iPhone is available, purchase at full price on your account and await delivery.

3. Upon delivery, put your N75 or Pearl on Ebay where they are selling at high multiples of the discount price to people looking for replacements. Currently, both of these models are selling at greater than $200 premium of the discounted new and upgrade pricing.