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60 Domains you can register today.

I’ve blown my domain name budget for July and August. Here are 60 domains you can register today:

If you find any of these useful and go on to build a site around one of these, drop me note or give me a link.

The Daily Roundup – July 31, 2007

What it takes to be rich. Profiles of four people who have earned it.

When to dump that great idea. Cutting out on your “great idea’ can be a difficult task.

80 Open Source Content Management Systems. Something here for everyone.

Fun with math: Apple has sold 3 billion songs. Since its inception on April 28, 2003, the iTunes Music Store has sold an average of: 1,929,260.5 songs per day, or 80385.9 songs per hour, or 1339.8 songs per minute, or 22.3 songs per second. Those numbers do not include Movies, TV Shows, or audio books.

fishboyFishboy 11 Function Survival Tool. 11 survival tools integrated into a credit card sized form factor. I have several ToolLogic Credit Card Companions which have been mainstays in all types of gear bags; backpacks, laptop case, etc. I like that the Tool Logic product is integrated into case, but then again, the $5 price of the Fishboy might outweight the inconvenience of the pouch carrier. Then again, I’ve managed with external cases for years with my Skeeter! and Mini Son of PryThing. (hat tip on the Fishboy to Cool Tools)

Don’t miss security guru Bruce Schneier’s 5-part interview with Kip Hawley, TSA Administrator: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

riding on the edgeRiding on the edge (source unknown).

GridSkipper. The urban travel guide published by Gawker Media.

The Daily Roundup – July 27, 2007

Time may not exist. With a two kids under 3, full time employment, the HoneyDo List™, and a never ending stream of side projects, I could have told you that.

imac keyboardGizmodo has pictures claiming to be the new iMac keyboard. Pretty slick, but I’m not sure I’d want to hammer away on code/documents for hours on end with it. Changing the functions of the function keys is also interesting. Given that the Mac keyboards place the functions (dim, bright, volume up, volume down) in different places depending on the model, it is nice to see some continuity taking place between the portables and the desktop units.

Merlin Mann gave a Google Tech Talk on Inbox Zero. Slides after the link. Here’s the video for your convenience.

The Daily Roundup – July 24, 2007 looks interesting. Watch the demo video. Public launch tomorrow (7/25/07).

Our conversation via IM. “So, I interviewed with a another ad agency a couple weeks ago and they called to make me an offer. I said ‘No Thanks, you were so forthcoming with your internal problems during my interview, I called two of your clients and they are in the process of pulling their work to give to my agency.’” -my nameless buddy in new business at an agency somewhere east of the rockies.

Yesterday I had GrandCentral Beta Invites (3 remaining). Today I have Skitch invites (Mac OS X). Hit me up via email or IM. If you don’t have either of those, leave a comment.

dashalyticsDashalytics. Google Analytics on your Dashboard (OS X). Not sure how I missed this one before. But I now have a reason to use Dashboard, besides the Lava Lamp. I love the fact that I can place multiple instances with different login credentials and it handles them just fine.

Proving that cycling is the dirtiest sport around when it comes to doping. The only question I have left is “Was Lance Armstrong really that good at Cycling, or hiding his Doping?” I hate that I even have to ask that question given my respect of Lance, but hell, it seems every serious challenger to Armstrong during his days dominating the tour has fallen due to doping.

David Stern Talks. He spoke like a man who knew a whole lot more than what has come out from the FBI. While I don’t even pretend to be a fan of the NBA, Tim Donaghy violated the trust of the game. Of course, there have always been the rumors that Michael Jordan’s retirement was a cover for serving a ban for gambling.

The Daily Roundup – July 23, 2007

Linkworth – Alternative to TextLinkAds.

How to write a business plan. 10 questions with Guy Kawasaki

SaundersBlog – redesigned by Blend Interactive. Glitches on the redesign and the old look was restored. Noted only to remind myself to go back and check out the redesign.

Design History of Be Good Not Bad and his blog:
BeGoodNotBad: v1, v2, Current.
Blog v1, v2, v3 – Final/Discontinued.
Having been developing since 1995, I’ve recently begun tracing back the design history of some of my sites – spinning globes and all. The same thing that makes The Wayback Machine so much fun.

Vote for upcoming features of Google’s Webmaster Central.

Speaking of Google. I have invites available for Google’s latest acquisition, Grand Central. Grand Central is a phone service that lets you:
– Personalize Greetings by caller or by group
– Listen in from any of your phones as callers leave you voicemail messages
– Record any received call at any time with the press of a button
– Switch phones mid-call, seamlessly, between any of your phones
– Block annoying callers or telemarketers with Phone-SPAM Filters

SEO Sabotage. Yet another thing to worry about when your site is dependent upon search engine listings for the primary source of traffic.

RustyBudget. A tool for bloggers and publishers to manage their day-to-day storyboard of topics. Looks good on the surface. Need to play around a bit more to get a better feel. My debate: Which is a better, a third party organization tool or a private, self-administrated wiki for my blog ‘properties.’

Kansas City RoyalsThe KC Royals have moved into a tie for last place in the AL Central with the Chicago White Sox. KC has a 4-game homestand against the inconsistent Yankees while Chicago has a 5-game homestand against Detroit. Things are looking up for the boys in blue; Gordon is looking more relaxed as the season has gone on, surprisingly solid Billy Butler is going to force some lineup questions when Sweeney is back from the DL, Teahen has converted well to right field with one of the top guns in the league for assisted putouts, and the pitching. What looked liked the biggest problem in the off-season has carried the team when bats were slow to get going.

My Fix for iPhone Battery Woes

My iPhone started draining the battery fairly quickly by most accounts of battery life, including going from a 100% full charge to the Red Battery Warning in 7 hours with absolutely no physical usage (during the overnight hours).

I tried two things (during the same time) so I’m not sure which was the actual fix but here goes:

1) Let the phone run down past the red battery warning up to the point where it shuts off and becomes unresponsive. Plug it in to charge for a few minutes then use the force reboot (hold down the menu button and sleep button until it resets) to get the phone operable again, then charge until full.

2) My original working hypothesis was that Safari wasn’t shutting down to a sleep state when leaving the browser and going back to the menu. My evidence was, that in my days of usage before getting to my 7 hour drain state, every time I went to Safari, my page was trying to refresh. I set up a bookmark for the address of about:blank to create an empty browser page and started loading that prior to returning to the main menu.

The result. I’m now on hour 18 of my latest charge and my battery icon is indicating I still have roughly a 75% charge with normal usage during those 18 hours.

Anyone out there who can help me test in an A/B fashion would be appreciated since my iPhone is apparently fixed.

Swap domain names with SwapNames

swapnames logoFor the domainers out there, a new service for buy/sell/trading domain names, The buy/sell space has been occupied for a while, but I do like the trade part of this. Perfect those batches of names in your portfolio that aren’t generating parking revenue and lack the qualities to make them prime targets for resale.

I listed a few to test the service out; ranging from old names for swap to a couple solid parking revenue domains.

While adding in the link to my domain portfolio page, my first suggestion came to mind: take advantage of URL rewriting to clean up the member links. There is no reason why my portfolio page shouldn’t be as simple as,, or

I gots me one of them there iPhone thingies.


Beautiful device (the 8GB version). Met and exceeded most of my expectations.

-Activation. For me, painless, less than 5 minutes. Too bad there are some fairly widespread issues out there, but with an estimated 500,000 units sold since 6pm ET, that equates to roughly one activation every 3 seconds. I’m really surprised there weren’t more issues.

-Needs cut/past functionality.

-Needs more ringtone options. The default selection are fun and whimsical, but including a few more that could be ‘sanitary’ enough for the workplace would have been nice. As it is, I’m using Marimba.

-EDGE isn’t as slow as I was anticipating based on some of the complaints prior to launch. It isn’t EVDO, but it isn’t a 56k modem either.

-On screen keyboard gets easier with practice. I can one finger hunt-n-peck pretty quick and my thumbing skills are improving.

-Disappointed by the lack of drag and drop music/video transfer in iTunes. To the best of my knowledge, everything has to be done via the syncing interface for the device in iTunes.

-Disappointed by the lack of ability to use the phone like a portable drive.

-Games. Where are the frickin’ games already?

-Maps, Photos, Camera, iPod Functionality, YouTube, Safari, Phone quality. All beautiful and excellent.

-If you are thinking about the 4GB, spend the extra hundy for the 8GB.