The Daily Roundup – August 8, 2007

10 Unsolved Mysteries of the brain. Interesting, especially about how the brain makes up for deficiencies in the senses (see #7).

Dealing with information overload. My step #1, turn off the damn browser.

And of course, in violation my previous statement, 100 Essential Web Resources worthy of keeping your browser open.

I picked up iLife ’08 today. Pretty damn slick. Included was a 30-day demo of iWork. I don’t do many presentations these days, but I have used Keynote to put together slick site maps and click-through demos. Pages is seldom used as I prefer the plain text editors. But the new Numbers, in my mind justifies the $79 price tag. It doesn’t sport the advanced functionality of Excel, but it brings “Design” to the stodgy thinking of rows and columns.

A fresh batch of books arrives tomorrow giving me ample excuses to stay off the computer when I’m not working. Yeah, staying off the computer – another reason why I suck at blogging.

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