The Daily Roundup – August 25, 2007

I haven’t had a daily roundup in a couple of weeks so here is a new edition with some leanings toward the upcoming football season.

There is a lot of stuff happening in the web space with regards to fantasy sports. Since it has become a multi-billion dollar industry, here are some of the new things happening in the space:

You Be QBQB1 was a huge hit for the bar and restaurant entertainment network, NTN Buzztime. Now, web startup You Be QB is bringing similar action to the web at There is a late game tonight, so if the kids get to bed at a good time, I’ll be logging on and giving it a look. Bonus coverage: the YouBeQB has a blog, which has yet to be updated.

Screaming SportsScreaming Sports is fantasy sports on steroids. Their goal is to consolidate all of your fantasy teams from multiple providers into one place, while providing some value added services such as player news, automatic roster substitutions (so you never lose points with an empty roster spot), access from mobile devices, and tools to create your own sports homepage. Screaming Sports has a blog, and they update it often.

FleaFlickerA whole host of new league services are also cropping up. FleaFlicker is one such service which is designed to bring off-line leagues onto the web with a total customization. The league chat and advance stats & charting are also top notch – you know, because fancy charts and graphs sell damnit.

iPhone users who are looking for live baseball and football scoring action should point their iPhone browser to PickleView and FumbleView respectively. Live scoring updates with a visual field layout – a live gamecast format – and a live ‘chat’ based on Twitter. Both sites operate utilizing ESPN’s data sources and I wouldn’t be surprised to see an acquisition come from this down the road.

For your tailgating or fantasy football draft night food needs, I’d suggest whipping up a batch of Georgia Mustard for basting/dipping grilled/smoked sausage or as a marinade/baste for a grilled porkloin. For an appetizer, you can’t beat the grilled, bacon wrapped olives.

Dell VostroOn the tech front, I picked up a Dell Vostro 1500 Laptop to use as a home-based backup of my work PC. I’m a Mac guy through and through, but a lack of Mac-based tools, short of emulation via Parallels or VMware Fusion, for managing the web and MS SQL servers necessitates the need for a Windows box. It is amazing what $600 can buy power-wise, but you get a bloated, clunky form factor that is almost user unfriendly.

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