Monthly Archives: September 2007

No Domain List This Month

The last few months I’ve posted xx Domains Names you Can Register Today at the end of the month. Today someone offered me $250 for exclusive access to my list I was going to post on Friday for September.

While that email was a surprise to me, for some reason, I think my site traffic also spiked. I haven’t had a chance to check my stats yet, but I received 7 emails asking about the list in one day where I’ve had exactly three emails in the last two months about the same subject.

Monetizing my list really wasn’t on my agenda going forward, so I accepted this one offer under the condition that I can post the unregistered names with my end of October list. This will either be a one-time experiment, or if it does develop into something else, I’ll try to tier my list so I can continue with my free list series.

In the mean time, I’ll try and get a few posts during the month to satisfy your domain name jones.

The Daily Roundup – September 18, 2007

The Free Mac Classroom.
Over 200 applications available for your Mac as broken down by category. A very nice list.

The decreasing value of an MBA.
The banking and finance sector seems to lead the trend with regards to business educations. The fact that individuals are increasingly finding success as small players is starting to render the MBA as a waste for those with leaning towards a life of entrepreneurship.

iPhoto Extras – iPhoto and especially iPhoto ’08 is great program for managing your digital snaps, but make it better with these free add-ons.
iPhoto Buddy – allows you to manage multiple iPhoto libraries (note, you can also manage multiple libraries from within iPhoto by holding down the Option key when launching).
Galerie – point and click media gallery creation without all the work.

Mirroring your Mac’s Hard Drive to an External Drive
This is the process I use for monthly back-ups of my MacBook (I also do weekly incrementals – but that is another story).

Online Video Eductaion from Google
Conversion University – Driving Traffic, Converting Visitors, Tracking and Testing & Analytics in Contect.
Over 200 Tech Talks (lectures, meetings and conferences) with Google engineers and the community.

Microsoft’s Gastineau Screenshots & Overview
Microsoft’s upcoming web analytics suite. Personally, I’m interested in seeing the final product. Google has a huge lead in the analytics field, as they do in search as well, so it will be interesting to the rate of adoption. Beta Invites are available.

Apple Drops iPhone Price

Apple today, along with announcing new iPods, end-of-life’d the 4GB iPhone and dropped the 8GB iPhone price by $200 to $399.

While Apple maintains a 14 day price match guarantee, and is honoring it for iPhones purchased during the previous 14 days, there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of a financial refund or rebate for early adopters, or “rollout buyers” as quoted to me by an Apple representative.

In other words, if you were among the first to purchase the iPhone and contribute to the marketing effort through the coolness factor, word-of-mouth, or beta testing, Apple’s message to you is “Suck it.”

That is the technology game for first movers and I accept that, however, I’d drop cash without hesitation on a second phone if they were offering some sort of credit/rebate. Maybe I’ll pull out the patented “strongly worded letter,” just to see where it gets me.

p.s. The new iPods are pretty cool. The Fat Nano and 160GB iPod Classic have the most appeal to me, put I see the iPod Touch having the most appeal for those who haven’t dipped into the iPhone pool yet.

Update 9/6/07
Apple responded to the criticisms of rollout buyers today and will be offering a $100 store credit to said purchasesers, as detailed in Steve Jobs Open Letter to iPhone Owners.