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Sahar Says…

In response to the DomainBits, Sahar Sarid, follows up on his blog – Conceptualist:

There are many new blogs out there, many who are quick to give advice without “walking the walk”. My only advice here to readers is to pay close attention who the advice is coming from. It is, in my humble opinion, more important than the advice itself.

There is no doubt that I am one of the – if not THE ONE – head-scratchers on the list to which he is referring. Cool, I’m down with that. I’ve never met Sahar, in fact other than a couple local folks who dabble in the trade and the odd email/comment with other well-known domainers, I really don’t participate in the online conversation about the industry all that often. Hell, there are very few domain blogs that even link to me. In fact, as he was writing my name and linking to this side, he was probably thinking to himself “Who the fuck is this guy?”

I don’t make a living purely from domaining, but it does add a little residual income to the mix. I’m far more interested in advertising/marketing, content, and just running my ever-growing web dev shop at my agency. Domaining to me is a hobby. Of course, had I not foolishly turned down a $100k offer on a brandable domain before the bubble burst, I might be singing a different story. But I digress.

I’m not calling Sahar out because he doesn’t know me, in fact his point about knowing where the advice is coming from is absolutely 100% true, in domaining, and in just about everything. So, don’t take my word for it, get out there and start doing it.

Start small and make mistakes and learn from them. You’ll learn far more from making mistakes than you will from the ‘advice’ you read on blogs because what works for one, might not work for another.

32 More Domains You Can Register Today

Just when you thought I was crawling back in my cave for another month or so. Here’s another 32 available names to satisfy you domain name jones.

Today’s List:

The Return of Available Domain Names

Here’s a fresh list of 32. Go and get ’em.

And speaking of domains, the owner of asked me to post a note that this grouping is for sale. His development plans fell through and he is looking to recoup some fundage. was going to be a social network for the bar/bar employee crowd, but bartype also has roots in Java.

Contact info is available on the WHOIS record if interested and let him know you saw it here.

Today’s list:

Ten Rules for Startup Success from Loic Lie Meur

Snagged from Financial Times, a profile of French entrepreneur, Loic Le Meur.

  1. Don’t wait for a revolutionary idea. It will never happen. Just focus on a simple, exciting, empty space and execute as fast as possible
  2. Share your idea. The more you share, the more you get advice and the more you learn. Meet and talk to your competitors.
  3. Build a community. Use blogging and social software to make sure people hear about you.
  4. Listen to your community. Answer questions and build your product with their feedback.
  5. Gather a great team. Select those with very different skills from you. Look for people who are better than you.
  6. Be the first to recognise a problem. Everyone makes mistakes. Address the issue in public, learn about and correct it.
  7. Don’t spend time on market research. Launch test versions as early as possible. Keep improving the product in the open.
  8. Don’t obsess over spreadsheet business plans. They are not going to turn out as you predict, in any case.
  9. Don’t plan a big marketing effort. It’s much more important and powerful that your community loves the product.
  10. Don’t focus on getting rich. Focus on your users. Money is a consequence of success, not a goal.