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Alexa Updates Reports

On the heels of Google’s RSS Subscriber reporting, Alexa updated its reporting options and brought their site crawling service to a more prominent location.

Now, Alexa data shows traffic and ranking by country, refreshed the Link data, and brought their broken-link reporting service to a more prominent location (previously it was buried within developer tools and also a backwards click path that started from within an Amazon Associates account ).

Google Now Reports RSS Subscriber Numbers

There has been a lot of buzz throughout the net this weekend as most people publishing RSS feeds saw dramatic increases in their subscriber numbers as reported by services such as FeedBurner.

The reason? Google finally started reporting subscriber numbers from their services. Yahoo, Bloglines, et. al., have been reporting this information for some time but Google has been a bit behind the times. Friday, they announced this was changing, and Saturday FeedBurner’s subscriber reporting was updated.

If you aren’t using a feed service, you can gauge your subscribers by quickly perusing your log file. The Google feed bot now reports subscribers when grabbing your feed, such as:

“Feedfetcher-Google; (+; 27 subscribers; feed-id=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)”

Subscribers counts to my sites jumped from 20% -140%.

Reinvigorate is Back

After a nearly two year absence, the web analytics provider Reinvigorate is back with a closed private beta.

I received a private beta invitation this morning and after installing it on a couple of my sites, I’m impressed with the results. The beta includes 28 individual reports – all with multiple view configurations. Here’s a sampling from the dashboard overview showing visitors and pageviews:


An hour’s worth of data collection certainly isn’t enough to provide adequate feedback on the new and improved Reinvigorate, but based upon what I’ve seen in that time, they are certainly on the right track. I’ll give it a few more days, check with the Reinvigorate team as to what information I can publish during the private beta period, and report back next week.