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spanish bungalow

Spain (another misdirected email)

This is a continuing series of misdirected emails to my inbox.

Hi, you may be surprised to learn that we are downsizing and moving to Spain. We found this bung. at a silly price near Dolores (Alicante). It is a little inland, away from the concrete It is one of a group of 9 similar places all occupied by Brits. All legal, no further development allowed. It is very secluded and we drive up an amazing avenue of palm trees to get to it. On our visits to Spain we have noticed how much cheaper most things are, food in particular. There seems to be much more English spoken and the attitude of traders is usually helpful. So we are selling off bits and pieces in all directions mostly on le Bon Coin. Sorry we don’t seem to have heard from you since you had pool pump problems. Trust you got that sorted! We finally got our non paying tenant out, what a relief, but we are owed considerable monies which we don’t expect to recover! Regards Dave & Michele.

spanish bungalow

Emails From Tom: Moms Birthday

(This guy keeps emailing me thinking he is sending this to someone else, so until he stops, I publish, details scrubbed of course.)

Moms Birthday

Thanks to all of you for loving Mom yesterday. She had a wonderful day and was blessed to spend time with each of you either in person or on the phone. FYI: Stephen and Emily have another item to add to their wedding gift list (phone voice lessons). Between their giggles, laughing and false starts we had a good laugh when they called and sang to Mom. We returned home last night about 9:00 or so and after a couple of phone calls went to bed. She mentioned more than once and again as well fell asleep how much she felt loved, what a great day she had and what a wonderful job she had as a mother.

Keep Shining,

I Love you all dearly