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Miami Vice

Movie: Miami Vice (Unrated Director’s Cut)
My Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Where to start? Overall, Miami Vice the film captured the theme of the TV show very well. Reading some of the reviews at the time of the theatrical release, I think most people tend to forget that the TV show did have a dark tone to it, yet some of reviewers seemed to think the movie lacked enough action to be an action flick and toiled too long in darkness to be a serious drama. Writer/Director Michael Mann seemed to take the brunt of the criticism with comparisons to his other works.

If I can find fault with the Miami Vice, Jaime Foxx was obviously restrained in his roll at Tubbs – which given what he has been able to do on screen in other films was disappointing. Colin Farrell was decent in his roll as Crockett, but the supporting cast really brought the film to life.

I’ve watched Miami Vice twice now and will admit that the second time through did improve the viewing. If you caught it in the theaters and were on the fence, I’d recommend giving it a second look. With repeat viewability being part of my score, it added the .5 to my rating which would have otherwise been a 3.

Superman Returns

Movie: Superman Returns (DVD – Widescreen Edition)
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Superman Returns gives a valiant effort to match the original Superman movies. The original Superman and Superman II with the late Christopher Reeves are classics, but I’d put peg Superman Returns right up there with them.

There was a bit of a lull early in the movie setting up Lex Luthor’s plot with Lois Lane on the trail of the blackout but the pace quickly picks up.

Since this is the first movie I’ve posted on Clicks and Bits, my rating is based on a subjective combination of Entertainment Value, Repeat Viewing Factor, Plot Continuity, and Basic Production Quality. My name isn’t Roger Ebert or Richard Roeper and my Rating may not be an indicator of how good a movie really is.