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No more fights with IT

Google has dropped the technical guideline recommending not using &id= as parameter of the URL in dynamic sites.

While I’m usually able to address this issue with the IT folks when embarking on an SEO campaign, it at least gives me some flexibility with those that aren’t interested in truly optimizing their sites.

Google Enhances Webmaster Tools

Google announced updates to their Webmaster Tools (formerly Sitemaps).

Googlebot Activity Reports and Crawl Rate Control
The last 90 days of activity from the Googlebot on your site including pages, frequency, and  kilobytes all packaged up into a set of 3 handy charts. Webmasters can also now specify the frequency of the Googlebot’s activity on the site, from Normal, Slower, or if they detect you site can handle it, Faster.

Image Labeler
An opt-in fuction allowing you to specify tags for the images on your site for enhanced image indexing and search quality.

URL Count from Submitted Sitemaps
A handy statistic reporting how many URLs Google sees in your Sitemap. If you have a concern that your Sitemap may have errors, this checksum should help you pinpoint problems.