Happy New Year

What are your resolutions in 2011?

Me, I really need to flex my writing muscles again. The demands of kids and work have cut in to my time, but that shouldn’t be an excuse.

So, since I publish on five separate sites, I’m looking to generate at least 365 new posts in 2011 with Clicks&Bits serving as the repository and pointer list. I need to check, but in 2010, I’m guessing I was more along the lines of about one post every couple weeks over the five sites. I suppose Twitter was the biggest reason I stopped posting, much easier to through a thought out in 140 characters. If you want to follow me: @shartley for my personal stuff & @shawnhartley for my AdPulp-related audience.

How about other resolutions? I’ve never been big using the New Year to make resolutions, instead striving to improve throughout the year, but in the spirit of generating content and putting out some things to keep me focused:

  • Lose weight. Doesn’t everyone list this? I’ve put on about 40lbs the last 3 years. I’d like to lose that to get me back to something I’m comfortable with, but could stand to double that loss (and get me back to my before-the-turn-of-the-century days.
  • Get back on the mountain bike again. Before kids, and back-in-the-day I used to ride over 150 miles a week.
  • Spend more time outdoors. Used to hike and camp, haven’t done that since I got married. I really need to get back in touch with nature.
  • Disconnect from the machines (laptop, smartphone, email). Not sure if this is a symptom of the above or a cause of it. I don’t seem to have any issues unplugging for a few days here and there, but I do have a problem turning to the machines out of boredom.
  • Get back to doing some design work. I’ve slacked quite a bit on both design and CSS development. Managing, business development and focusing on strategy have sucked away my design time. Need to get back to that, if at least to keep my knowledge level in check.
  • Domain Names. I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ve slimmed my holdings. I’m not *planning* on growing this out again, but I do need to keep my eyes open for opportunities.

One down, 365 to go, eh.

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