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Games with Paper and Pencils

With all the technology in the world at our hands today, it is easy to forget where we came from with games. Pencil and Paper Games is at your service.

Many games are listed – including sorts by type and popularity. A dedicated page is available for each game along with instructions. Dots and Boxes was a favorite of my childhood.

Guess I might have to put down the iPhone or the shiny new Super Nintendo Classic console for a bit and give my kids some old school gaming knowledge.

Alanis Morissette – My Humps

The minor hit from Fergie, of the Black Eyed Peas, My Humps as redone by Alanis Morissette.

While the general reaction from most is that 1) the lyrics from the song are incredibly stupid and 2) Ms. Morissette has more talent in her, um, humps, than Fergie has in her entiretly.

However, marketers should pay more attention to the viral nature of the video. Nearly 2 million viewings in 2 days; proving once again that now matter how much interest you think your little viral project is going to have, you can’t create the meme, you can only hope to get caught up in it.

HBO’s Entourage Returns in April

The rest of Entourage’s season 3 returns in April. However, HBO decided they either needed to make up for a crazy schedule of season 3 or they need to increase their revenue stream. The result: Entourage Season 3 – Part 1 is available for purchase April 3.

Judging by the reviews on Amazon, this is quite the unpopular decision at the hands of Home Box Office – regardless if the pricing is consistent with the equivalent number of episodes on the DVD as compared to seasons 1 and 2. But then again, the initial negative reviews are getting hammered on.

My suggestion to HBO, get them up on iTunes – even a week or two delayed from the debut. You’ll likely make a killing on iTunes sales and most of those same folks will gladly eat up the DVD’s when released. But more importantly, get your scheduling in order. I know the theory behind the split season was to get the final season of the Sopranos on the board, but when it was delayed, you should have jumped Entourage right back into the mix.

But whatever, my pre-order is placed and I’m just glad we get some more episodes soon.

Hug it out, bitches.