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Personal Finance Web Sites

With two kids under 2 years old, we’ve started planning for their futures. My wife and I think it is important to make sure a college fund is set up for each of them and to instill upon them personal finance habits that will hopefully keep them from making some of the mistakes we made growing up.

On my feed reader lately:

Get Rich Slowly
The Simple Dollar
Conquer Your Debt

Cha-ChingOn a related note, I ran across a personal finance application for the Mac today: Cha-Ching. It shows some promise of eventually giving the only real application for the Mac, the horribly bug-ridden Quicken, a run for their money. It is currently in beta (0.4 release) but they are running special pricing of $14.95 to fund future development. Purchasers during the special beta pricing will receive free updates forever. I bought mine and I’d suggest others do the same if your in market for such a program.

Link Roundup
Sometimes it is wise to keep up with what is happening in the dark arts of the web.

LG Fusic Notes
I received an LG Fusic phone from Sprint Ambassador’s program as part of my involvment in another web site. Merlin Mann puts the notes down better than I could do it.

Kottke’s remaindered link to 50 Ways a Manager can get his good employees to quit post was a breath of fresh air and reminded me of the great Fast Company article on Toxic Companies from way back last century.