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Google Buys DoubleClick

Whoa. $3.1 Billion?

This ought to give them a nice catch-up on Yahoo from the ad display perspective, but also an advanced ad management platform that could be rolled out to independent publishers. Let’s not forget Performics, which is one of the fastest growing affiliate networks right now.

Plus, they blocked Microsoft.

100 Million iPods – Fun With Math

Apple sold the first iPod 5 and a half years ago. Today they sold the 100 millionth unit.

iPod Family

A little fun with math. In those 5.5 years, Apple has sold:

  • 18,181,818 per year
  • 1,515,152 per month
  • 49,801 per day
  • 2,044 per hour
  • 35 per minute

or in a nutshell, one iPod has been sold every 1.7 seconds since November 2001.

Joshua Bell Plays the Subway

What happens when a $2.5M Stradivarius in the hands of one of the worlds foremost violinists plays the subway as street performer? Virtually nothing. He was recognized by one person near the end of his performance, and only saw a handful of people stop to admire his music.

The reaction from children was interesting. While the vast majority of adults strode by without a glance, nearly every child turned their attention to the music as their parent(s) tried keep them moving along.

The Cabo Wabo Journey

Cabo Wabo TequilaBusiness Week has an excellent story on Sammy Hagar taking a chance on starting the Cabo Wabo Cantina and the resulting tequila brand of the same name, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. In a nutshell, the Cabo Wabo Cantina was opened against the advice of his business manager – who quit over the idea – with investments by the rest of his band mates in Van Halen. When the going looked rough and his fellow investors wanted out (it was losing around $40k a year), Hagar took over sole ownership. Then the cruise ships made Cabo San Lucas a destination and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, it is a $60 million entity with the #2 super-premium brand of tequila in the US and a second location in South Lake Tahoe.

I am most impressed with his thoughts on growth, “Hagar says he could have rolled out 80 Cabo Wabo Cantinas by now, he remains cautious about diluting the unique brand experience he has created”

Alanis Morissette – My Humps

The minor hit from Fergie, of the Black Eyed Peas, My Humps as redone by Alanis Morissette.

While the general reaction from most is that 1) the lyrics from the song are incredibly stupid and 2) Ms. Morissette has more talent in her, um, humps, than Fergie has in her entiretly.

However, marketers should pay more attention to the viral nature of the video. Nearly 2 million viewings in 2 days; proving once again that now matter how much interest you think your little viral project is going to have, you can’t create the meme, you can only hope to get caught up in it.

Cake PHP

What is it?
Cake PHP is a rapid development framework built on PHP.

Saves time when building when applications by creating a standard framework of all the usual time-consuming, management-center type clutter (Add/List/Update/Delete functionality and the like).


My iPhone Emailed Me

My iPhone emailed me. My SLVR is not happy, especially with my Samsung Upstage en route.


I am in a bit of a quandry though. Cingular has the new RAZR V3xx available and my plan is eligible for a phone upgrade. According to many, there will be discounts on iPhone, but how much is the million dollar question right now. Should I take the V3xx for $50, pay full price on the iPhone when it is available and Ebay the RAZR, or play the waiting game for the iPhone. I recently upgraded my wife’s phone to the RAZR and as she says, I’m “just suffering from phone envy.”

On a side note, the SLVR is one of the best phones I’ve owned in the last few years – candy bar or flip. The Samsung A920 is the best flip I’ve had and it is right up there in a close second with the SLVR.

What? No PDA Phone?
No way, the last thing I need is to be connected 24-7. My office email checks for new email once per hour. I check my personal mail on about the same schedule, but most responses wait until I get my kids to bed at night. Seriously, if you are checking & responding to email more frequently than that, you spend your time being reactive instead of being proactive – like say, a former colleague who had his desktop mail client set to check for new mail every 60 seconds…